ACWUA lunched Public Awareness Workshop 25th – 29th September 2011 Amman Jordan


The forum is a continuation of a previous series of encounters of the Arab countries that aim to raise awareness about water scarcity, water degradation and about the resulting imbalance between availability and demand. The Workshop will bring together important number of participants from different Arab countries namely: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. About half of the participants have already attended workshops in Sanaa (Yemen) and in Amman (Jordan) in 2009, and the other half is composed of new members.

GIZ (former InWEnt) in cooperation with ACWUA have been focusing on building the capacity of ACWUA members in the field of public awareness. Consequently, GIZ in partnership with ACWUA have implemented a number of training and dialogues about the wide topic of Public Awareness at water utilities and water resources management:

1.         Public Awareness Forum, 24th to 28th of May 2010, Tunisia

2.         Management of Public Awareness Campaigns, September 27 - October 1 2010, Rabat, Morocco

3.         Public Awareness Dialogue, May 2 – 6, 2011, Berlin, Germany


H.E Eng. Khaldon Khashman (ACWUA), Dr. Ismail Al Baz and Mr. Guy Honore (GIZ), launched a workshop under the title “Public Awareness workshop (Focus on Social Marketing and behavior Change Communication).” Duration 25th – 29th September 2011

The workshop started by a welcome and opening speech by Eng. Khashman and Dr. Al Baz, followed by an input by the trainer Ms Di Baldassare from Germany concerning link to public awareness dialogue Berlin, a presentation by Ms Baldassare about water foot print and ecological footprint, followed by practical experience group work.

GIZ/JOUHD gave a presentation about “Water Wise Women (WWW) Project in Jordan” and the role of public awareness in ground water protection - BGR, discussions and ideal thoughts provided by the participants to enhance and adopt the WWW project in their countries.

Eng. Saad Darwazeh - Prisma Marketing and Communication, rolled during 3 days the strategic communication and social marketing , situation analysis, research methodology, target audience segmentation and analysis and identifying behavioral change barriers and benefits, where the participants shared together their thoughts by group work and field visit to apply their own designed public awareness campaign.

The closing day 29th of September started with a presentation by Mr. Jamal Al Salah, showed the principles of facilitation and moderation techniques, followed by an assessment by the participants for the workshop, coordination team were elected to continue correspondences between the public awareness group and to chose their next dialogue and workshop. By the end of the day Eng. Khashman and Dr. Al Baz hand out the certifications to the participants